WELCOME to Georgia Grown Trails. This website gives you one location to access all Georgia Grown Trails. Below is Jerry Connell, co-founder of the Georgia Grown Trails. Jerry is proudly displaying the very first Georgia Grown Trail sign. This photo was shared in the Georgia Trend magazine August 2020 edition publication.

Horse Creek Winery is one of our many members who take pride in their Georgia Grown business. Check out this video of Horse Creek Winery to understand what being a Georgia Grown Trail member is all about!


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The Georgia Grown Trails are designed to highlight all of the amazing agriculture-related tourism hot spots. U-pick farms, dairies, vineyards & wineries, farm tours, B&Bs, restaurants using local and regional products, and specialty food stores are all included. We really wanted to include anything related to farming and agriculture that a visitor could partake in, learn from, and generally enjoy!

Love this interest in the Georgia Grown Trails. One of our favorite pictures!

Georgia Grown Trail 37 members Smith Family Dairy, Lauri Jo's, Bruce's Honey Shack

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